Scents and Refills coming Q2

Enhance your gaming and movie experiences with our GameScent and MovieScent scent cartridges. Specifically designed for the GameScent device, these game scents immerse you in the heart of your entertainment. Each cartridge is expertly crafted to sync with your favorite scenes, providing a rich, multisensory journey. Easy to install and compatible with a wide range of genres,to capture the game scents.

Gunfire GameScent Refill


Let the smoky echoes of gunshots immerse you in the adrenaline-pumping world of virtual combat.

Explosion GameScent Refill


Smell the detonations from explosions and debris as you navigate through virtual warzones.

Forest Scent GameScent Refill


Immerse yourself in the scent of ancient pine and earth, transporting your gaming space into a magical realm of adventure.

Clean Air GameScent Refill

Clean Air

Manually neutralize all odors and leave behind a soft subtle scent to leave your area feeling refreshed.

Storm GameScent Refill


Feel the freshness of rain and ozone as you walk through the rainy streets of gotham, or travel through rhodes.

Racing Scent GameScent Refill

Racing Cars

Accelerate into the fast lane with invigorating blend of rubber, fuel, and asphalt propels you into a high-speed race-ready arena.

Blood Scent GameScent Refill


Prepare for intense brutal battles of combat. Immerse yourself in the bold and metallic essence, adding raw intensity of virtual horror.

Coming Soon

Ocean Scent GameScent Refill


Inspired by the open seas. Let the refreshing breeze and saltwater transport you to pirate-infested waters or a day at the beach.

Coming Soon

Sports Arena GameScent Refill

Sports Arena

Score big in the cheers and energy of the crowd, turning your gaming room into the ultimate stadium for victory celebrations.

Coming Soon

Fresh Cut Grass GameScent Refill

Fresh Cut Grass

Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence of a sunlit lawn as you swing the golf clubs, or field.

Coming Soon